I've been making music my whole life. Whether it was the first time I played piano or the first track I mixed - I knew music is what is where my passion lied. Making music as a profession has always been my dream... and now I'm out here living out my #RealDreams .

But how is the dream possible? Because of fans like you. #RealDreams is going to be distributed directly to you, my fans, so I can personally thank you for supporting my dream. Rather than purchasing the album on iTunes, where I wouldn't know if you bought my album, I will be able to contact you directly (by phone or email) so that way we can share in each others dreams. I will also be writing a daily blog starting February 1st, leading up to the release of the album on March 6th! Keep up to date with the blog on

Support #RealDreams and I'll do everything possible to support yours.

Hit me anytime via - and I will get back to you.


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